iAlarm is back and ready to compliment or replace your old alarm clock at home or on the go.

iAlarm harnesses the power of your mac to wake you you up with your iTunes music, local weather, news podcasts, custom messages and even an old style beep.

The new interface is simple to use, and advanced users can even create their own custom AppleScripts to be executed by iAlarm.

iAlarm is the easiest alarm clock on the Mac
The following six alerts are available to rouse you

BeepA simple beep will repeat 5 times or as many times as you like
SpeakA custom message to be spoken aloud
WeatherCurrent weather report for your local area (US only)
PodcastWake up to NPR's Hourly News or any other Podcast you subscribe to
iTunesHear music from your iTunes library and custom playlists
AppleScriptAdvanced users can select an AppleScript to be executed

NEW in Version 2
+ Apple Remote support lets you to snooze your alarm from bed or skip to the next track
+ Podcast support to get you up to the minute news and entertainment
+ New and improved user interface
+ Complete Leopard compatibility
+ Alarm presets
+ Universal Binary


[1/05/06] iAlarm 1.61 is mentioned in the Feburary issue of MacHome Magazine on page 10. Download iAlarm Now!. An update is in the works, please keep emailing your suggestions.

"Here are some of the best freeware offerings for iTunes."
iAlarm was recently mentioned in the book iPod: The Missing Manual by J. D. Biersdorfer and David Pogue!

We made #2 on the list, thanks for everyones support and ideas.

"Throw out the rooster, iAlarm is here! With this simple program, you can turn your Mac into a personalized, programmable alarm clock."

iAlarm was mentioned in Issue #20, April 28, 2003 of Earthlinks "E-Link Newsletter"

[Download iAlarm v2.04]

[First iAlarm Product Video]

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[02/06/11] iAlarm 2.04
\ [03/17/08] iAlarm 2.03
[03/11/08] iAlarm 2.02
[12/16/07] iAlarm 2.01
  [10/01/03] iAlarm 1.61
[09/30/03] iAlarm 1.6
[03/17/03] iAlarm 1.5
[03/01/02] iAlarm 1.0